Furzebrook Village Hall Health & Safety
Hall Capacity and Use

The Small Hall is 11x4 metres and has a max capacity of 40 people.

The Large Hall is 20x10 metres and has a max capacity of 200 people dancing. 180 people dancing and seated at tables. (Note those are fire safety maximum figures, in practical terms a maximum of 150 people is more realistic, given the space to dance and the required supporting facilities, ie toilets, parking etc. All other events are 180 people (Again this may not be a practical number as explained below).

Dependant on the type of event being held, additional equipment being imported, the numbers of disabled persons requiring space and support, would all affect the safe use of the halls and therefore, the person/s organising the event must take these points into account when deciding on the max number of persons.

i.e. Dancing, required space to move safely around the free usable floor area after tables and seats have been placed. The use of display, demonstration equipment and partitions. Tables and chairs, used individually or locked together. Stage, sound and musicians equipment. Volume of goods in the halls for sale. 

The positioning of such items or activities that might affect the use of entry and exits to the halls. The Total Number allowed will never be more that the Maximum Numbers above.
These are a few examples that may affect the Halls legal and practical capacities. 

The hirer is responsible for the activities and the manner in which they are carried out. As such the hirer should have a Nominated Person responsible to ensure that the Safe and Legal requirements of “Small & Medium Places Of Assembly” and the practical logistics are met and maintained though out their occupation of the hall or halls. Critically ) To ensure that all Fire Exits both internally and externally are clear and functional and pointed out to all the halls occupants. 2) To note the location and type of fire fighting equipment. 3) To ensure that in the event of a fire or any emergency that the halls are empty of all occupants. 

To do this they may need to nominate a fire marshal to coordinate any emergency measures. Please also read document “Fire & Emergency Procedure Furzebrook Village Hall ”.

The Kitchen clearly has its own special requirements with regard H&S and as such the hirer should ensure that they or any one that nominate or sub contract to use it, complies with all of the current H&S regulations required in the safe and proper preparation of food and beverages.

The Hirer should also check the requirement of Insurance Cover for their event. Furzebrook Village Hall does not insure you against your public liability and for any consequences of your event.

The links on second sheet may help if further detail, information or explanation is required.